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"Unlisted" Owner Name Submission Form

I agree that I have read the “UNLISTED” bill linked above. I understand this bill suppresses the owner name on the Assessor of Property website. I also understand choosing to make my owner name “UNLISTED” does not preclude my name from being displayed in an Open Records request or in other web-based applications and products. Further, I certify I am the true owner of this property, and this is my primary residence, for which I am electing to digitally suppress the owner name.

We must receive valid & accurate information prior to processing the unlisted request.

State law requires that your driver’s license must show your legal residential address. However, because it does not have to display on your license, you may submit proof of residency by other means listed below. It is the Assessor’s determination what sufficient information is accepted in his/her respective county.


1) Current Tennessee Driver's License
2) Current Tennessee Voter's Registration
3) Current utility bill including landline telephone, electric, water, gas, cable, etc..

Wireless telephone bills cannot be accepted.