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County Committees

Below is a list of various Montgomery County government committees and their responsibilities. Click on each committee name to expand/collapse its description.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee’s responsibility is to periodically review the state audit with the purpose of checking for deficiencies and irregularities and to report these findings to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners. Further duties include reporting to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners an opinion of the necessity of a numeric and or performance audit to be conducted by an independent firm, for any and all departments and agencies for which the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners has budget responsibility. This committee is also responsible for interviewing and recommending the firm to be engaged in the audit process.
Beer Board
The Beer Board acts on behalf of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners in the granting and/or revocation of licenses to sell beer in the county, outside the city limits, to exercise all authority and perform all duties conferred upon it by law.
Budget Committee
The Budget Committee works with the County Mayor to perform all duties prescribed by the County Budget Law of 1957. This budgeting process will include preparation, adoption and control of the annual budget. The Budget Committee is also charged with the maintenance of the Personnel Management Plan and assuring that all policies in consideration of Public Chapter 361, and other relevant regulations, are consistent, uniform and conform to state and federal requirements. This committee also assists the County Human Resources Director in establishing and adopting personnel policies and procedures, and approves all classification of new county employees and all re-classification of current employees.
Building Advisory
The Building Advisory Committee acts as a liaison between the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners and the County Mayor as plans are developed for the building, renovation, remodeling and leasing of county owned buildings.
County Conservation Board

The County Conservation Board is established to dedicate or set apart, acquire or lease lands or buildings, or both, for use as playgrounds, recreation centers and other recreational purposes. This includes the preservation of historical sites for the enjoyment and recreation of the citizens, as well as to provide, establish, maintain, and conduct supervised recreation, such as playgrounds, recreation centers and other recreational activities and facilities.

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Jail & Juvenile Detention
The purpose of the Jail and Juvenile Committee is to visit and examine the county jail once each month, or more often if necessary and to submit reports to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners regarding the condition of the prisoners and the jail. It carries out the duties of the jail inspectors as provided in Tennessee Code Annotated 41-4-116, and as otherwise provided for in the code. It also makes recommendations to the County Mayor and the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners with regard to the detention of juveniles.
Legislative Liaison
The Legislative Liaison Committee collected a list of issues concerning the citizens of Montgomery County and compiled them into a legislative agenda. This agenda will be presented to our legislators during the Tennessee General Assembly.


Loss Control

The Loss Control Committee identifies potential causes for loss and suggests corrective action to reduce loss potential and to further efforts to develop safe and helpful working conditions and operations for and by County personnel, equipment and facilities.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee nominates all candidates for committees, boards and commissions except as may otherwise be provided for (those appointed by the County Mayor, named by statute or otherwise).
Rail Service
The Rail Service Authority provides a continuation of rail service within the area of the government establishing the authority.
Rules Committee
The Rules Committee has a continuous responsibility of analyzing the structure, organization and functions of the various committees, commissions and boards of the Montgomery County Government. This committee evaluates the effectiveness of all of the committees as they are presently constituted, makes recommendations to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners for revision and updating, as well as revises committees according to Tennessee Code Annotated statutes. It also encourages the committees to function efficiently and makes periodical reports to the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.
School Liaison
The School Liaison Committee is established to act as a liaison between the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners and the Clarksville-Montgomery County Board of Education. The committee attends the meetings of the Board of Education and keeps the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners informed as to the operating progress, problems and needs of the school system and school program.
Title VI Advisory Committee
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