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Computer Lab

A computer lab is available for internet access and word processing. Our computers have Microsoft Office 2010. Click here to view our computer use policy.


Computer classes are held in the computer lab. They are usually held in the fall and the spring. One on one computer tutoring is also availble through appointment only. Please contact the Information desk for more details.

  • Basic Internet I
    Learn the basics of searching the Internet using web addresses and search terms. We will practice doing searches using both methods. Handouts are given explaining basic searching, reliable websites and explanations of search terms. Different search engines will be explained and used as we explore the Internet using a worksheet with suggestions.
  • Basic Internet II
    Use information from the first class to build searching skills. Worksheet with search questions will be used plus whatever information the class would like to look up. If you have Internet experience, you may take this class without taking the first class.
  • E-mail
    Learn how to set up an e-mail account of your own. Learn how to use and manage your e-mail by sending attachments, creating folders and more. The class is geared toward questions that are asked. Each class is different.
  • Microsoft Word I
    Learn the basics of using the word processing program. We will do cut, copy, paste, font style, font size, bold, italics, underline, tab, the show/hide button and more. We will practice on a document to create a stylish invitation.
  • Microsoft Word II
    This class will focus on inserting clip art and word art into a document. If time allows, also how to copy a picture from the Internet into your document. You will learn how to re-size, text wrap and move the pictures and word art around until you get it in the right spot.
  • Microsoft Word III
    When you finish this class, you should be able to do almost everything this program will do. We will use columns, tables, footnotes, page numbering, word count, date and time, spell check and more. We will create a document putting all we have learned to use and print it out to see how well we did.
  • PowerPoint
    In this course, you will learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, including how to set up a slideshow, insert pictures and charts into slides, change theme and slide design, and view your show.
  • TEL Career Transitions
    This class will show you all the benefits of the Career Transitions section of the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL).  You will take a short career assessment test, research careers, build a resume, and search for jobs.  You will open an account and save information at this website, which you can access from any computer.  We are excited to share this new library resource with you, and think it will be very helpful to people looking for work.