Green Certification Program

CMC Green Certification Program
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Green Certification Team

The CMC Green Certification Program is supported by County Mayor Jim Durrett, City Mayor Joe Pitts and Bi-County Solid Waste.

Green Certification Board Members:

Daryl Pater (Chair) - Mainstream Heating & Cooling

Bill Harpel (Co-Chair) - City of Clarksville

Steve Springer - Stone, Rudolph and Henry

Rose Melton - Altra Federal Credit Union

Chad Crocker - Bridgestone Metalpha

Mary Anderson - Bi-County Solid Waste

Doug Jones - Montgomery County

Melinda Shepard - Chamber of Commerce

Gene Fish - CMCSS

Haley Randell - APSU

Carlye Sommers - Green Certification Program Manager

Past Members:

Aditya Singh: Trane, Plant Manager
Barbara Green: Bridgestone Metalpha USA
Donna Bright: Bridgestone Metalpha USA, Plant Manager
Terry Strange: Hemlock Semiconductor, Site Manager
Jarrod Duncan: Capital Bank, Asst. Vice President
John Hooper: Page & Tuttle, Local General Manager
Kirk Steer: Hendrickson, Plant Manager
Daniel Binkley: City of Clarksville, Project Manager
Pat Finney: Former Site Manager 
Bruce Johnson: Bridgestone Metalpha, USA, President and CEO
Michelle Newell: Former Green Certification Program Manager
Laura Prange: APSU
Tim Swaw: Montgomery County
Rachel Friend: Trane
Steve James: Nyrstar

Work Committee

The CMCGCP Work Committee is a team of environmental professionals who worked to develop the outline for the workshops and also give of their time to conduct the workshops.

Present Members:

Chad Crocker: Bridgestone Metalpha

Don Haynes: Florim

Past Members:

Kenny Daugherty, Environmental Coordinator, Bridgestone Metalpha USA
Tom Caldwell; Environmental Team Coordinator, Bridgestone Metalpha USA
Mitch Bowling; Environmental Team Member, Hemlock Semiconductor, L.L.C.
Larry Carpenter; environmental Team Leader, Hemlock Seimiconductor, L.L.C.

Community Presenters

City and County specialists in the areas of air pollution, energy, waste, water, and stormwater management commit their time to present on these topics.
Stan Williams: Air Quality Specialist from Clarksville Urbanized Area Metropolitan Planninng Organization
Mary Anderson: Director of Education from Bi-County Solid Waste
Jared Combs: Energy Services Manager from CDE
John Doss: Stormwater Coordinator for Montgomery County